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Associate Trainer

About to graduate??  Looking to join a great team by fulfilling our associates program?

Currently at Ruffolos, some of our training stylists are looking for an associate to work along side them to deliver excellent customer service and gain maximum experience!

About the Associate Program

At Ruffolo’s Hair Studio, we hold an associates program, which is a hands on experience that provides training for each cosmetology graduate. Technical skills, guest handling, and business building are the subjects of our focus.  During this program, each associates works along side one service provider to maximize their experience within our salon. With each 6-9 month long program, it has 4 levels of performance based growth. Each associates receives an hourly raise upon completion of each level. We ensure that each level is committed to graduate the associate with ease and skills into becoming a career hairdresser. We are in continuous search for passionate cosmetology graduates willing to be trained and coached by on of our training stylists to lead with success in our industry.


Benefits of our Salon:


  • Associate training program

  • Direct deposit

  • Discounted color services

  • Vacation benefits

  • Education benefits

  • In house education

  • Mentoring & Coaching

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Retail Commission Bonus

  • growing salon environment

Join our family

If you’re interested in joining a great team at a salon and spa that rewards dedication and offers opportunities for you to exceed your own expectations. Please contact us for more information.

We are currently hiring Associates.

Please email a cover letter and resume to Ashley Curi.


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